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  1. Speech of the Chairman

    Dear public colleagues and friends,

    Thanks for your love and support, and GRED is developing steadily, growing gradually, and moving toward the track with high-speed development.

    As a growing domestic professional manufacturer of medical devices at high speed, relying on the experience in technology R&D and clinical practices for more than 20 years, we accumulated the profound experience and wisdom in two fields of neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and we have more than 20 kinds of professional products, where nearly half of products are the Class III medical devices.

    The company establishes the research and development management system, production and manufacturing procedures, and quality control standard with the world’s advanced standard, and will implement management reform continuously, upgrade the information and technology platform for management constantly, achieve the efficient digital operation, develop the reliable products meeting the market needs with the advantages of the era, and provide you the significantly improved clinical diagnosis and treatment techniques. The company’s marketing and technical service network all over the country can respond to the customer needs quickly, and has won the trust of our customers with the excellent innovative technologies and enthusiastic services.

    While pursuing the high-speed development, all the staff of GRED always adheres to the business philosophy of “insisting on correct idea when you are immersed in happiness, and this is the law of nature”, undertakes the great mission of “promoting medical science and technology, and building a healthy future”, and converts the respect to the life, responsibility to the society and gratitude to the clients into many user-friendly and high-quality products with reliable efficacy to bring the gospel of health and love to millions of patients.

    Focusing on science, technology and innovation is only for better changes and possibility. For those warm smiles and trusting eyes, we always believe that our career has become another extension of others’ dreams, and therefore we never stop the pace of innovation.

    With your concern, our career will become more important; with your support, our enterprise will be growing stronger. The way of development is heavy and long, and we wish to make progress together with all friends to build a beautiful future!

    Chairman: Wang Weimin:签名.jpg

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